Allow strategies to open multiple positions

Currently, the strategies are allowed to open only 1 position. Some strategies (with high SL) keep bad positions for weeks just waiting for the market to recover. If the strategy is generally good, it is blocked out from the market making other good choices for the period of waiting.

If a strategy could open multiple positions, it could, for example, reevaluate the market later and open either a different (hedging) position or a second position in the same direction, if it confirms the market trend further.

If implemented properly, this can be a good alternative to SL and can expand the scope of potential successful strategies and reduce risk for users.


I have simply been cloning strategies when I want to do that. It works very well and gives you more control over what you want to do with the secondary positions.

For example you might be stuck in a short and only want to open long positions to hedge it or vice versa. Now we have those controls in the strategy manager it is very useful to use them and hedge against the lingering position until it recovers etc.

This only works for your own strategies and cloneable public ones

Yes I understand. I think the problem with just unlocking it to open multiple positions without any controls on it is that it would just keep trying to open positions all day long. (I know this because I’ve done it with multiple versions as described).

It would therefore still have to be controlled or restricted somehow by the strategy manager. Or at least some form of control by the follower.

Either way I understand your problem and suggested what I did more from the point of view of a strategy manager.

I was thinking something like: you select 100 units (whatever currency) funds for the strategy and 10 units trade size - therefore the strategy can open up to 10 positions. We might have additional field, like limit to “X positions only”.

Agree on having this feature.


Please add this to the roadmap!

How would this work with strategies set to 100% trade size?

It probably won’t. The idea is the trade size determines the max positions: say if you put 20% trade size you can open up to 5 positions. That said, there should be a setting as well which limits the max position number. So, as in the example above I can have up to 5 positions, but I would probably want to limit it to 4 to avoid margin calls.