App VS Web Interface

Hi @Nikola

Hope you are fine.

I have a little thing to highlight.

On my phone the app is extremely slow, very slow response, so every tap takes ages to then complete the requested action.

E.g. the multi-selective All button doesn’t work, and if I select them one by one it takes 4 5 seconds before the box is checked.

And not only that, it is very slow responsive any thing I do.

Not sure if everyone has the same issue.

The alternative is the web interface, which works perfectly on the laptop, but on the phone, trying to use it instead of the app, it has the bottom menu which doesn’t work.

If I tap any of the items in the menu crossed in green, below, I don’t know how, but it opens the first strategy from the generator, which doesn’t make sense considered I should at least go into the generator and see the strategies before being able to open any of them.

More, if I tap the forth item of the menu, at the very right end, the dots, it adds the first strategy of the generator to my list of strategies like if I gave it the tick :heavy_check_mark:

Not sure if it is caused by the menu at the very bottom crossed in red.

Is it possible to remove the menu crossed in red?

If the menu of the web interface became more usable even from the phone I would not be complaining anymore about the app.

Hope this is useful for other users too.

Thanks for your help.

Does the web version work better on your phone than the app? That’s weird.

What phone are you using?

Additionally, the bug you are describing is happening because you have a minimized generator. The quick workaround is to close the generator, then you should be able to access all tabs. Of course this will be fixed but likely not in the next few days.

Huawei P8, and yeah the web version is very responsive whereas the app has a big latency.

What’s the point in using the generator if I have to close it and set again all desired parameters once I want to use it again, only because the menus overlap.

I’m not asking for a quick fix, I just provided a feedback in your interest as it comes from the user usage.

In the case it’s only me having this issue out of all PQ users, then ignore me as it must be my phone.

Have a good day.

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