Back Test Inconsistencies

I have run a back test on a strategy where the TP is 14 pips. The back test shows a TP of £195.62, which is considerably different to the other trades of the same TP and similar size.

Just wondering if there is an error or if I’m missing something.



how do you have take profit 14 and make winnings i had a straregy on EUR/USD with take profit at 20 and it was closing in negatives (-0.1%)

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This is only in simulation, I expect real results will change.

the delay between transaction and reality will make the take profit of 14 not viable and this is not in backtests also be aware of the spread (AUD/USD has 0.00025 on trading 212)


The delay will be greatly reduced in about a week and a half.

As far as the OP goes, we need to look into it as I have no idea what the cause could be just by looking at the screenshot. I will write back here when we do. It’s probably not going to be this week.


Runs alright at the moment in real with current delays anyway. Happy to wait for you to get to the bottom of it, just wanted to raise it.

Thank you!