Backtest changes (Momentum)

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to drop a quick note that a couple of days ago we fixed a bug affecting the Momentum indicator with the “Apply to” option set to “Open”. It was giving unrealistically positive results in backtesting. If you see your previously “winning” backtests suddenly turn bad, it is due to this fix.

This bug only affected backtesting so your running strategies’ performance is not affected!

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I’m not sure it’s performing as it should. The middle trade on the attachment should be around £6.25 for trade size and 14 pip TP.

Seems unrelated to what this thread is about. Can you post this as a bug report separately please?

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I’m confused, the strats were highly profitable in backrest and over 5 months but now show that over the same period (in the backtests) they wouldve lost money when infact that isnt the case.