Best Practice Strategies

US30 Strategy “Flamboyant Blackburn”

GBP/JPY Strategy “Admiring Stancho”

GBP/NZD Strategy “Dazzling Lichterman”

AUD/USD Strategy “Hopeful Herschel”

More to come - hyper2k7 -


New strategy - Vigilant Kepler - early days but promising results…

Working on a few more, have an interesting ETH/USD which is looking good too (36% since 12/01) !!

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New Strategy - Vigorous Murdock - UK 100

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New Strategy - FRENCH40 Strategy “Goofy Rhodes”

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New Strategy - GBP/JPY Strategy “Nostalgic Cray”

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New Strategy - EUR/GBP Strategy “Infallible Goodall”

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New Strategy - NDAQ100 Strategy “Eager Minsky”

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New Strategy - EUR/CAD Strategy “Mystifying Tesla”

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New strategy - Silver - Strategy “Admiring Jennings”

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New Strategy - EUR/AUD Strategy “Hopeful Elbakyan”

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New Stratergy - GBP/NZD Strategy “Charming Lederberg”

New Stratergy - GBP/AUD Strategy “Nostalgic Kare”

New Strategy AUD/USD “Admiring Jennings AUD/USD”

Follow and watch how is going this strategy (in practice), in backtest are this strategy with real money so follow to see information. Very stable profit
ProQuant Tesla Strategy “Cloudsat”

New Stratergy - ETH/USD “Hardcore Pasteur ETH”

GBP/NZD Strategy “Charming Lederberg” - SIMULATION FINISHED

This simulation has now ended - a real copy can be found here -