[BUG] Take profit and stop loss are broken!

but the price was way below

(happens on both simulation and real money).

Also, this is an urgent issue, because people may lose money, so it would be nice to have an emergency line for things like this, where someone can take a look immediately.

The same issue was logged under the subject
Strategy did not trigger profit target or SL setting

This is not providing trust on automated strategies and may lose money .

This must not happen anymore !

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Fixed. This is completely unacceptable and we have already taken measures for it not to happen in our new engine, which is due to be live next week. More info on what improvements this release will include will be provided soon.


We understand the measures, but software may go wrong in an unexpected way. We need an “emergency” channel to communicate about similar urgent issues we see, which is monitored more closely than the forum/telegram

Maybe we can have some kind of Report button in the app and when more than X people report the same thing going wrong, PQ team will be automatically alerted.


Another suggestion I have is to add a ‘panic’ button. This should close all open positions and pause all strategies.

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It’s hapenning again ! Position not closed at TP for GE30 .

@Nikola we need urgent attention on this. Seeing a lot of

which is accompanied by

This is not because of lag as said strategy has 139 pips TP. There is no way the price moved 139 pips back and forth in 1 minute

I noticed I can’t start any new strategies in Simulation mode. Also, deleting strategies doesn’t work for me anymore. Might be related to this issue.

If I have a strategy with a SLI of 10 (trailing),which reached 110% profit without closing the position , then it goes down to 80% profit, am I right to assume that stop loss didn’t trigger?

Edit: according to the PQ description, it should trigger at 10% of the balance when the position was opened. It was opened when I was at around 50% profit. So 10% of the balance would mean a 15% trailing distance… so it should have triggered at 95%… I might be wrong but I don’t think so.

Edit: and now it reached 70%, obviously a bug. Even if in practice mode, it’s still hard to accept this… I closed the position manually, but hopefully someone from PQ takes a look. Even weirder, strategies that lose money continued triggering stop loss today.

@Helsing001 I need more info to look into your Trailing Stop Loss issue. Do you mind PMing me details about the affected strategy (name, instrument etc.)?

Nevermind, we discovered the issue and it has already been fixed. More info -> Engine Improvements - Live!