Discover Rating (DR)

Hello everyone!

We’ve noticed some issues with the way we ranked public strategies in the “Top Performers” list in the “Discover” tab.

Therefore we have come up with a new rating system to rank public strategies with. Internally, we call it the “Discover Rating (DR)”. The specifics of how DR is calculated will not be publicly disclosed due to potential abuse of the system, however, I can say that it is based on a couple of parameters:

DR is based on Return %, SLI, Like/Dislike ratio and the number of closed positions.

Oh, and a fun little detail: strategies with a " :star2:" in their name will receive a 10% boost to their DR.

Star strategies are very rare “drops” from the Generator (about 0.1% chance). The only special thing about them is their unique name and the slight boost to their Discover Rating.

We believe the introduction of Discover Rating (not visible as a metric in the app for now) will lead to a better overall experience for everyone - a fairer ranking for Strategy Managers and higher quality strategies for the community to follow.

Feel free to discuss this here!


Can I ask for the reasoning behind “starred” strategies? It seems like it could cause strategies to be rated higher than those that perform better for no real reason.

Also, I think it would be nice to be able to filter or sort strategies in the ‘discover’ tab based on specific parameters. For example, maybe I want to see strategies with high Sharpe Ratio or System Quality Number that have closed X positions. I believe this would ultimately allow users to better find strategies suitable to their risk tolerance.

Edit: I’ve also just realized that it could be possible to game the system. Can’t someone just keep generating the same strategies over and over again (modifying TP or SL by 1 pip if needed) until they get a ‘starred’ strategy? It seems like you’re supposed to “grind” a starred strategy to gain a 10% advantage over others.
I don’t mean to be overly critical or negative of this, I’m just concerned that this can be misused.


Don’t worry, 10% is nothing, it’s just a small boost for the truly dedicated strategy managers out there.

Of course all of this is subject to change if we see any kind of abuse.


I don’t see how it is for the truly dedicated strategy managers? It’s chance. One person could generate 10000 strats and not get it then another 1 and finds a star. It’s a nonsense factor that shouldn’t be included in the calculation

I’m also angry at this because I still didn’t get one. as soon as I get a good strat with a star, I’ll say devs can keep this feature :joy:

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