Equity Drawdown Graph (Feature Request)

Borrowing the idea from “Глеб Горохов” post back on ProQuant Canny (sorry I couldn’t find a way to contact you for permission but I guess we both want the same thing).

It would be fantastic to have an equity drawdown line on the backtest graph so we better understand how a strategy behaves.


It’s me. Thanks you did it :+1:

Ahh, thanks! sorry saw your name written in russian and didn’t make the connection/translation.

Great idea this!!! Can it be done? It would help with SL

that would be a very useful feature, it makes a lot of sense specially for those strategies with very high win ratio and not tight stop losses that may get stuck on a trade for a while and during this time the balance can get drawn down dangerously

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and if the graph itself is not in the pipeline of proQuant team, at least it would be very advantageous to keep a track of the maximum floating (tick-wise) drawdown, apart from the current drawdown between positions. Many times for strategies with very loosy or no SL, the “live” (floating) drawdown can go close to margin call levels and beyond and then recover itself and end-up as a winnig trade with a resulting 0 drawdown. But in the practice it may be that the broker may have closed the positions due to the huge flaoting drawdown…