Favourite strategies tab

In the ‘Show Strategies’ tab could there possibly be a favourite option. I have a few strategies that are running in simulation and one in real money and I would like to only see these specific strategies as they are my favourite strategies.

If there is some way we could favourite strategies then just go to this tab that would be helpful, or even if we could favourite them and sort them by favourite first.

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I’d say that a similar idea was already mentioned - creating strategy folders. To me it would seem that creating folders would solve the problem you’re describing, but also allow for additional customization of your strategies.

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Yeh I started that but got no reply and instead of creating the folders they added more ‘order by’ options. They may think the folders are not needed or too much of a fuss to implement so I’m asking for a favourite option as this shouldn’t be as difficult and would help with the problem that I face within the app.

Hah, @Quantly, sorry didn’t realize that the post I linked to was also made by you :smile:. To be honest, I’d love to see more ways to group and control the strategies you’re using, but it seems like that would require significant changes to UI and I’d say they have more pressing features to implement first. I’m sure ProQuant team will get to that eventually.

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It’s all good. Yeh, no doubt they are busy with the requests that come in on here, just getting it out there if the folder idea was too much of a change, this one shouldn’t be too much of a change but as you said there are probably more pressing issues.