Help! I'm locked out of my account!

Here’s why you might be locked out of your ProQuant account:

We’ve been under DDoS attacks for quite some time now and we’ve implemented a system which locks out certain IPs from our system based on suspicious behaviour.

Basically, if you make four login attempts (doesn’t matter if they are successful or not) in quick succession, your IP will be blacklisted for 15 minutes.

You can get locked out by either not remembering your password and guessing wrongly multiple times or rapidly switching from one account to another.

To avoid getting locked out, either use the ‘Forgotten password’ feature or, if you need to switch between multiple accounts, make sure not to do so more than once per 2 minutes.

If you are locked out, either wait the 15 minutes out or log in with another IP (by switching to mobile internet or connecting to another WiFi network).

P.S. This 15 minutes lockout used to be 5 hours. We changed it to 15 minutes as of 30.01.20.


I think that happened to me a few months ago and I couldn’t explain why that’s good to know thanks

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