Increase amount of Entry and Exit rules and add an ability to choose exit logic (OR or AND, not only OR)

Increase max. entry rules to 7, max exit rules to 3-4.

Exit rules now are not working together, only one of selected exit rules triggers, I would like to have ability to make them work only if all of exit rules are triggered (all selected indicators)


OR and AND logic would be amazing

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We’re planning to release a kind of scripting language for creating strategies. With this language you will be able to achieve what’s described here and much more.


Nikola, I understand the scripting language may be in the pipeline but even then, having more entry and exit rules available would be super useful whilst editing or using the custom generator.

I understand why perhaps you wouldn’t want more on the automatic generator as it could create much more burden but whilst editing or custom creating strategies I still believe it would be great a great feature if it’s an easy implementation.

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