Monetary TP parameter

Not sure what you think about this, but I would love to have a monetary TP too added to the parameters, so regardless the pips set to close the position and TP, if it gets to let’s say £15 or whatever is set, it then closes the position.
I find extremely disappointing when a strategy goes very high, it doesn’t close because not enough pips yet, I don’t close manually because I’m busy and the all purpose of the robot it’s the fact that it works self-sufficiently, but then it’s starts going down and you regret the good days when it was in great profit.
Does it make sense?

Sure, but a monetary value will not prevent the situation you described. A £15 TP position can still reach £14.50 and then go down :slight_smile:

The reason we would do this is for convenience but it wouldn’t jibe well with public/following strategies as everyone runs the same strategy with different funds.

We might add the monetary value next to the pips (in brackets) just for reference?

£15 was just an example buy yeah you’re right… Even if set to £250 it would still be a very tiny percentage of somebody else funds, or a bigger percentage or others so it would never close by the monetary TP.
If you could put it in brackets it would be amazing just to have an idea of the value.

You could always set it as a secondary exit rule instead. Similar to how a trailing stop loss works but as another parameter to say for example if price continues to rise ignore however if reverses secure profit here. Would be easy enough to implement different amounts of money for followers also as you could write code to to work out percentage amount and scale that with position size.

Hopefully that made some form of sense?

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Can we expect the monetary value, or the percentage, next to the pips to be added to the view or we should forget about it?

Is it scheduled to be implemented at some point with one of the future releases?