More Filters (Improvement Suggestion)

I’d love to see more filters whilst browsing strategies.

It would be specially handy to be able to filter by instrument (only show Gold strategies or EUR/USD, etc.)


Also filtering to only show strategies with open positions and organized by instrument. would be fantastic.


Particularly for active strategies it would help to:

  • Filters: Only see filters that are relevant to the user (i.e. I’m only using trading 212 so all the other options just mess up the filter selection)
  • Filters: Filter between paused and running strategies
  • Sorting: Ideally be able to have a view mode where I can change positions of strategies by drag & drop according to their current relevance for me


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Filtering by paused and running strategies would be really useful! Could also be a sort option as well.

Also filtering/sorting by own strategy and other’s whom you have subscribed. I need to check on my own built strategies but sometime it takes time to sort them out.


I think that’s a definitely needed improvement to be able to filter strategies by more criteria. Ideally, we should be able to filter by “mine/someone else’s”, strategy statistics (win loss ratio, number of positions, drawdawn, sharpe ratio, quality number, etc.) in all strategy categories (real money strategies, practice strategies, simulation strategies, discovery section).

The purpose of ProQuant is to get winning strategies that work for you, and filtering them seems like a proper place to start.