Multiple TP points per strat

Hey, here’s an idea:

Option for strategies to have say up to 3 TP’s. So they open 3 positions at the same with and then there are 3 scaled TP (total funds would need to be 33% or less in this scenario):
One TP at 100 pips
One TP at 150 pips
One TP at 250 pips

The SL could jump up to the opening price after 2nd TP (or something), so we don’t lose money on it, but catch the huge price movements.

Max TP’s could be determined by total funds % (so up to 3 with 33%, up to 5 with 20%) and the actual funds used would be split again (so in the 3 positions are opened scenario, each is 11%).

There could be a box for “move SL to open price after TP X” where X is the 2nd TP point.

Just an idea to let us catch both shorter and longer price movements in one strat