Option not to share parameters

At the moment when publishing a strategy there is the option to share or not the entry exit rules and clone too I believe.
Would be possible to add a switch, maybe separate, so that you have a switch for allowing entry exit to be visible, a switch for cloning, and a switch for sharing or not the parameters (tp, sl, etc)?


We definitely don’t want people hiding the TP/SL as they are extremely important to assessing the risk the strategy poses on one’s account.

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Well, the risk represented by the SL is available in the form of the % you introduced a few weeks ago, so everyone which follows a strategy knows from the colour coded percentage what the risk is for every position. The exact TP and SL values can be hidden I believe, but if you don’t want, there is not much I can do :slight_smile: thanks anyway

@unlockedprofit Why would you want to hide the parameters? Can you explain in more detail?

If the reason is to protect your strategy from cloning / recreating, then the current feature we have works just fine. If conditions are hidden, I can’t see how one will be able to recreate your strategy based solely on the parameters.

At the same time, parameters provide valuable information (not only TP/SL)

That’s correct, basically just to protect the strategy, to protect an idea, same thing everyone does with ideas in everyday life.
My idea included the non-disclosure of TP and SL figures which are not protected by the current functions of the app.
By this I don’t mean that my idea has to be shared or agreed, or approved, it was just an idea, one of those that pop in your head.
Considering the section is called ideas &… I just wanted to propose it. It might be a stupid idea though…
So no problem if it’s pointless or unacceptable and it gets rejected.