Position Direction and Trading hours

I believe that both position direction and trading hours should be available to change in the strategy Edit screen. I’d like to see how these settings would affect the backtest, but for now it seems that it is only possible to change them on a running strategy, then save that strategy, and only afterwards you can see the backtest results.

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These features are not implemented for backtesting as they are reactionary and to be used based on current real-life events (news etc.) and not throughout the whole backtest period. We might implement them for backtesting as well, at some point, but for now there’s no such plans.

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@egormalanichev you can make the backtest take only buys or sells with the following entry rules if you aren’t using all 4 already to see how it works in the backtests.

to restrict to buys:
Moving Average, apply to = high, trigger = bar opens below moving average, period = 1

To restrict to sells:
Moving Average, apply to = Low, trigger = bar opens below moving average, period = 1



Thanks, @Nd76, will try!