Problem with ProQuant App

Hello! I’m a dev and I’m learning QuantScript.

In these days I’ve created some strategies using the generator and after confirming the criteria, I’ve published one of my strategy on EUR/USD. A bit late I’ve noticed that I didn’t flagged the “Allow users to clone this strategy” and I’ve unpublished the strategy, but something strange happened.

Now I see the strategy on my profile also if it’s not published. If I click on the strategy it doesn’t show the unpublish or manage button.

You can see everything in the images.

Can you solve the problem?

P.S: as you can see, in the right image the strategy card is cutted. It’s not an edit but I see it like this form both mobile and desktop.

Hey @NikitaZ, welcome!

This was a glitch that has been fixed. You should no longer see your unpublished strategy in your profile.


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Thank you very much @Nikola. I want to ask a question. Is it possible to change nickname?