Problem with SMA()

I have been testing scripts using the SMA() function, however it gives results vastly different from the SMA on trading 212 and tradingview. This is generating false entry points when using the CrossesUpwards() function

moving averages
enter long

As you can see the SMA is lower than on tradingview and trading 212, the EMA also differs. Please could you look into this, I suspect there is some difference in the way you are calculating them.

What ProQuant instrument are you looking at? Also, TradingView most likely has quite differing data from ours, so that’s where the discrepancies are coming from.

Trading 212’s data is mostly the same as ours, but there’s some mismatching there as well.

If you could provide an instrument name and a screenshot from the Trading 212 charts, it would help us in assisting you.

The instrument is bank of america, the data on trading212 matches trading view, I have provided a screen shot. The EMA and SMA are in matching colours as the previous screen shot.