Public Strats Ranking Value!

Within the top performers, one strategy is higher than another because of the characteristics of the strategy itself, as @Nikola and @ViktorPQ have already explained in a few posts.

I presume then that there is a database behind or somehow every strategy that gets published has a ranking value (?).

Let’s say that the best of the top performers has ranking #1, however it would be interesting and transparent, to know if a strategy that someone’s published, even still not in the top 30 is maybe top in position 31, just about to become visible, or position 47 or 167 or 3583.

Whatever position a published strategy sits, it would be nice to see in the report details the ranking position.

It could help doing the right changes to the strategy to climb another few positions or as well change a few things in order not to go deeper.

Would anyone else like to see that?


@ViktorPQ @Nikola any advice on if this feature can be implemented?

@Nikola @ViktorPQ

I am scrolling through all topics and there is a number of my posts where I haven’t had any feedback at all.

Can you at least tell me if you will never take in consideration to implement this feature rather than leave me without a single answer?

I can see you guys are active daily in the community so I think I deserve as well a feedback.

Are my ideas welcome? If not that’s another story and I’ll stop sharing no problem.

Hey @unlockedprofit.

First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to write up your ideas about improving ProQuant. We truly appreciate it!

Sorry that we haven’t been replying to your suggestions. We immediately reply to topics which require little to no time from us to reply as either the answer is straightforward or we have already thought about it before.

We are aware that we are not doing a great job of writing replies which require a bit more thinking and time on our part. That is because we have an extremely tight schedule and do not have an employee dedicated to community management. Therefore these topics sometimes get missed or replying to them gets postponed to whenever we have more time.

We are doing our best to improve this and be more in touch with you guys.

Thank you for being patient with us and continuing to use ProQuant!

As far as the suggestion in this thread - our plan is to add multiple “rankings” in the Discover tab. Right now there is just one. Next week we are adding a second ranking which orders strategies by the amount of real-money followers they have. With this in mind, we might add more in the future and would not want to clutter the strategy screen with multiple ranking placements.

Hi Nikola,

thanks for your reply.

I totally understand, I am sure you are very busy already with other requests and implementations to make the SW always better.

It’s just that without having the post even acknowledged with a like or a “ok we’ll consider it” you feel a little bit invisible.

Anyway, below is a list of my previous requests. I’ll let you guys do your job :+1:

On this last one you answered one day but I haven’t seen then the TP represented in % as well as it happened for the SL.

Have a good day!