Query about translator, values and crosses

Is there a reason why the following translation of a visual strategy to quantscript uses the indicator as the value and open for crossing for exit whereas the Entry uses open as the value and indicator as the crossing? Are they two versions the same thing with the same effect?

I was curious about this too, and I think the visual Long exit rule and the QuantScript one have the same effect.
The visual one says that the line of open prices crosses the indicator line downwards , which is actually exactly the same as saying “The indicator line crosses the line of open prices upwards ” and that is what you see in the QuantScript code.

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@erwan is correct. We will probably change the generated code to match other indicators. The behaviour would be the same though, we’d just be doing this to avoid confusion and to keep things consistent.

Great, thanks for confirming that there wasn’t something subtle I was missing