Range Within a Series

Also… I was wondering if it was possible to select a certain range within a series say all the values between open[100] and open[200], as this would make the possiblity of a true price action script more workable?

Apologies if its covered in the documentation, only when I looked at the chapter on series I couldnt see a specific answer to this.

Hey, could you describe in more detail what exactly you want to achieve?

Hey so specifically I am looking to find support/resistance using the maximum and minimum functions.

Using the maximum function on Maximum(open,100) provides the highest value from open[0] to open[100], correct? And Maximum (open,200) from open[0] to open[200]?

So what I’m asking is there a way to get the maximum value between open[100] and open[200].

Eg. Maximum (open,100,200)??

Hopefully I explained it in a way that made sense?? Let me know if not

Highest(open[100], 100) should do what you’re describing.


Now you’ve told me it totally makes sense! No idea how I missed that. Thanks Nikola