Reduce trade size (position) under 1%

Hi Team, thanks you for all the hard work.
I previously emailed about this optionality.
The strategies might be more robust if we have option to trade under 1% of funds (maybe as low as 0.01%).



You can do this but due to the minimum money spend on the broker’s site, I think it is around £30 for forex, you would need trading funds of £3000 to be able to get the trading position to 1%. I’m not sure about other instruments e.g. commodities, stocks or crypto.

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thanks for your reply, I’m aware of the retail leverage, me and some other traders here will have pro accounts and the leverage will be 1:500 for indices, 1:300 for comm, etc. at the moment I’m testing strategies for both pro and retail accounts and for large amounts/funds, e.g. 20k, having the ability to invest/trade lower proportions makes sence in terms of risk management and optionally to diversify. I’ve worked for a top investment bank and exposure management is crucial. atm proquant only offers approx 2000 basis points of movement for a strategy which from my view could be increased. have a nice week, Robert

I read the question wrong, thought you wanted the option to trade at 1% and lower, but it is just lower than 1%. With the leverage of pro accounts and if people are using large amounts of funds this would make sense and I do not think this would be difficult for them to implement.

exactly what I thought, that it should be a quick implementation, however it will have an impact on the algos being generated. it might increase the number of long duration strategies. regardless, side traders (manual trading) will be done for swap fees compensation.

We will release an update where you will be able to set the trade size with a precision up to 0.01%. You will only be able to do this manually, using the keyboard, and not the slider (which is missing on our web version anyways).


just realised I didn’t reply to you. having 1:500 leverage on my trading acc. will have an impact on my funds as1:20 lev. positions triggered by algo will have a higher amount for the same percentage invested from a 1:500lev algo. hope this clarified why I and other might need this optionally. thanks

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But do you have to have a pro account to use that leverage with Proquant?