Requests for additional built-in functions

Please use this thread to request additional indicator/helper built-in functions to be added to QuantScript.

Today we’re adding WMA (Weighted Moving Average), HMA (Hull Moving Average) and IchimokuCloud.Upper, IchimokuCloud.Lower.


Hi Nikola,

I admire your work and this is really great stuff and awesome. I am not sure if you already have what I will suggest to be added so here it goes …
can we somehow have a function to detect candle patterns like for example, morning star or evening star for 3 candle patterns and some other stuff like 4 candle patterns ?
Also for patterns that involves lenght of the upper or lower wick , could we let users sets value for that, that he thinks would qualify for pattern detection e.g. hammer, user define the min length of the wick and head.
thanks in advance

BR ~law

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We’ll definitely add candle pattern support, yes!

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perfect :smiley: thanks a lot. I will definitely wait for the update.


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Will these be added to the visual editor at some point?

Probably, but not any time soon.

Although I’ve now got it working and ready to copy/paste thanks to your incredible help, having a “bars since last true” function as standard would definitely be cool

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thanks for all this great work @Nikola, PQ.

May I please request you to add “Super Trend”? this signal uses Average True Range in it’s calculation which you already have, therefore it should be easy for you to add it.

all the best,

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Thanks for the work!

May I please request the KDJ indicator? I am trying to write my own one but kinda making a mess :dizzy_face:

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Hi Rexlau,

I am not very sure, but isn’t it the kdj is also same with williams alligator that is already available in the visual editor?

BR ~law

Hi Law,

Yes, I believe they are similar but not exactly the same. I think I have completed my own KDJ but probably need more testing :sweat_smile: still a good to have an official KDJ indicator so I don’t have to doubt myself anymore :crazy_face:

Hi Rexlau,

Good to hear that you have completed already the KDJ :clap:, also you are right, its not really the same as alligator.

regards ~Law

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love you @Nikola :heart_eyes: :heart_decoration: :two_hearts: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heart:

Some of the suggestions in this thread have been implemented: 10 July 2020 Update

Thank you for adding the “since” function, it helps a lot for creating new indicators! @Nikola

Would it be possible to add the Aroon indicator?
I’ve already created the functions.

Aroon Up

function AroonUp(applyTo, period):
HighestHigh = Highest(high,period)
((period - Since(close==HighestHigh))/period)*100

Aroon Down

function AroonDown(applyTo, period):
LowestLow = Lowest(low,period)
((period - Since(close==LowestLow))/period)*100

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Hello Sir!

Can you please Add The “Parabolic SAR” indicator?? It is one of the most powerful indicators ever when used on high time frames its tells you exactly when the trend starts and finishes…it would be a fantastic addition to your amazig app! I was shocked its not there… Must have it !!

Thank you for the amazing work! Cheers

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