Reverse option of strategy buy and sell signals

In Order to making so some weak indikators get powerful.


I think this should be an option too. If a strat does really badly constantly, you should be able to copy the trades but the opposite. If it opens a buy, your bot sells

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I really hope that the development team takes this opportunity because some strategies actually manage to ruin an account.

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Can we have this option please?

I support this suggestion. Absolutely amazing if this can be done.

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Please provide more information on how you envision this feature to look, work etc.

One sentence is not enough for us to understand your idea, much less weigh in on whether it would be beneficial for the product and its users.

Thank you!

Hi Nikola,

Thank you for responding. We would like the option to execute sell automatically if the designed robot buys and vice versa.

This might need to be a cloning option where the robot does the exact opposite. It would be up to the designer to make this work by TP and SL in the original bot.

Example :-

Moonlight buys and the mirror bot sells the same time. The SL becomes the TP and the take profit becomes the stop loss. Simple rules that maybe only provided by the publisher.

Many thanks


I have a couple of questions:

  1. Why would this be a cloning option and not an option on the strategy itself?
  2. Why would the SL become the TP and vice versa?
  3. What is the reasoning behind this idea in the first place?
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The technical side is what needs to be sorted out.

1 It doesn’t have to be cloned and can be an option on the strategy, but needs to do the opposite of the designed strategy.

  1. TP and SL can still be the same. It was only a suggestion.

  2. You cannot reverse strategies with PQ successfully.

If the robot always loses and goes to SL, if it takes the opposite Trade it should go to TP.

The other benefit is that if you give a strategy a rule like “must be above the Bollinger bands going upward” but the strategy loses all the time, this cannot be made in reverse. BUT if it took the opposite trade it would win.

It is easier to make a strategy lose more than win quickly. We would like to automate it so it wins all the time!

Many thanks

Wins more than loses.

Maybe easiest way to implement this is to:

  • add a flipped strategy switch
  • if flipped switch is activated the bot should:
    - buy in case of sell signal
    - sell in case of buy signal

Exactly what I am trying to do in a round about way! @Knoeioei


The original strat still needs to be running like normal for everyone, but you can flip it for yourself

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Any news on wether this can happen Nikola?

hi Nikola, I actually emails PQ several times about this and it was as follows:

the feature will be in an existing strategy , named as “revers logic” or whatever you like to name it.

This reverse logic will be dependent on the running or parent strategy (which will most like be in practice mode) therefore, running the reverse logic will have the option to select real account before running it.

The entry will be triggered by the entry of the parent strategy and the exit by the take profit or stop loss from the dependent strategy ( so no statistical signal) on this reverse logic strategy

I tested many strategies just by reversing the signals but it just doesn’t generate the exact opposite result. Take profit , stop loss and entry points are not the exact opposite.

i’m happy to discuss more if needed.


strategy A entry - Dependent strategy opposite entry

strategy A take profit/stop loss - Dependent strategy close transaction

Is this proposing the same I requested in my “buy and sell choice” topic?

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I would support a manual entry feature where you can introduce a trade, either buy or sell and the trade then runs in the same parameters of the strategy, parallel to all other positions. The trade size would the same as if the entry was triggered by an entry rule.

I think this would work well for you to achieve a reverse trade and in other situations.

I think what we desire is for a strategy to become a portfolio of any given instrument. If you have a poorly performing strategy you can intervene and try and recover losses. If the instrument were to flip direction you can quickly close your manual entry and then close the original position at a good point. Drawdown often occurs and often recedes too and this feature would maximise returns.

If you spotted a decent opportunity you could seize the moment and place a trade - all under one strategy or portfolio. Being able to group strategies by instrument would be cool too.

Excellent. Very well put!

Thank you

Good point! Top Strategies BTW. :clap:

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