Some ideas for your scripting language

Any chance you could implement the following variables?:

  • Difference between highest point and lowest point of a candle stick (not just opening/closing)

  • Current spread (buy - sell price)

  • Max spread (historical) / time-period (ie: max spread in the last 10 days was 15 pips).

  • Arithmetic operators (+, -, /, *, %).

  • Comparison operators (<, ==, >).

  • OR / AND logical operators

  • Assignment operator (=)

  • Entry, TP (Take Profit), SL (Stop Loss) price assignments for open positions (ie: TP = (Entry_point - weighted average)*(-1)).

  • Ability to detect candle hops. (ie: moving onto next 5 minute candle time-frame)

  • Ability to go back certain number of candle frames (ie: 3 candles ago, open price was x times lower than this candle).

  • Max/Min Price point within time range (Max price abc shares hit in last 50 candles = x)
    if/else statements.
    while loops.
    for loops.

notification function & user action request function(ie: user gets notification of a 70% chance rise or decline given an algorithm, and let the user make the choice based on their risk appetite rather than an automated decision that may or may not pan out).

  • Inter-communication of various instruments: ie: while (abc stock is falling) {cde_stock rises}.
  • Max open positions (ie: if I have $40 invested in algorithm A, do not activate algorithm B). If Algorithm A is closed, activate algorithm B. If Algorithm B triggers (opens position), de-activate Algorithm A.

This can allow for users to minimize simultaneous open positions.

Many of those are just common sense and I’m sure you thought of them, but I’m unable to implement a strategy I have had working for me over the last 3 years because of the lack of programming possibilities.


Wow, thanks, we appreciate you taking the time and will have these suggestions in mind!

One thing I can tell you for sure is that one strategy will not be able to access/interact with another, at least not for v1, so your last suggestion will unfortunately not be possible.