Sort strategies by

Sort strategies by(options can be add/remove) : monthly %, System quality number, Max consecutives looses, winrate, max drawdown, return to drawdown.

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That’s a good idea. Actually the ProQuant sorting system isn’t really good and new users have difficulties (it’s basically impossible) to show their strategy in the explore page. Must change it!

A good way would be a filter for each parameter (monthly %, System quality number, Max consecutives looses, win/lose ratio, max drawdown, return to drawdown…) without an explore or at least with the most relevant strategies for the week/month.

It’s really hard to grow an account and people like me (developer) that will create a lot of strategy with QuantScript don’t have the possibility to show their strategies.

Thats a must (and absolutely important) change in my opinion.

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No worries, our plan is for QuantScript strategies to be promoted somehow, once we enable publishing.