Strategy Manager Promotion

Hi, even after having a public strategy(running on real money with Trade212) with 35 Real money followers and submitting my bank details, I don’t see the Earnings go up from 0.00 after a week. Am I doing something wrong?

Hey speeday98,
I think most of the your real money followers do not have an open position, since your strategy has not closed its position for quite a while. This means that your followers are waiting for the current open position to close so they can trade on the next position.

The following is stated in the terms & conditions:
“…as long as such strategy is being used in a real trading environment with at least one open position.”

As soon as your position closes and a new position opens, you will get paid for your followers. :slight_smile:
Hope this makes sense.


Makes sense, thanks! :grin:

Just wanted to drop in and say that Ruben’s explanation is absolutely correct.

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