Strategy with 1d trading frequency opening twice on Mondays

Probably all of my 1 day trading strategies behave like this on Mondays:

  • They open a position at 00 AM if entry rule is triggered
  • If the position is closed before 02 AM , then they trigger again at 2 AM

The question is why? Is it a bug?
The backtest never shows 2 positions opened on Mondays (or at least I haven’t seen such cases).

Hi Helsing!

Which instruments does this happen with? Also what timezone are the hours you describe in?

Hi Nikola,

Recently (today) it happened on NDAQ100 and EUR/CAD, but I’m pretty sure I noticed this on other instruments too in the past.
It’s the time shown in the app, I never actually knew if it’s my local time. If it is, then it’s UTC +2.

We’ve just deployed a potential fix for this, please tell me if it happens again.

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@Nikola Not sure if this is the same issue but one of my 1 day strategies opened a position at 2200 then again at midnight

Hi @Nd76

The GBP/USD market opens on Sunday 22:00 (UTC) in Trading 212.

When this happens, a 1-day candle is opened, and all 1d frequency strategies have their entry/exit rules checked for a signal.

It is then closed on Monday 00:00 (UTC) and a new one is opened (which would close on Tuesday 00:00 and so on until the end of the week), again, causing all 1d frequency strategies to evaluate their entry/exit rules.

This is why you see two trades which are two hours apart.

Essentially what I’m trying to explain is that the two trades were made over different datasets.

The one on 01.03.20 22:00 (UTC) was made over the dataset including candles from Friday backward.
The one on 02.03.20 00:00 (UTC) was mode over the dataset including candles from Sunday backward (including the two hours after the market opened).

This is how it works as our candles are UTC based.

A 1-day frequency strategy does not necessarily mean its trades will be spaced out by 1 day, as it has to deal with the specificity of market opening/closing hours.

Hopefully my explanation makes sense.

Please get back to me if you need more information or there is any other issue concerning 1d trading frequency strategies.

Thanks @Nikola that makes sense. If a 1D strategy is paused will it open a position when it resumes in the same way or wait until 0000?

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It would wait until 0000.