Timeline and features

Hey there!

Just a couple questions about the future of QuantScript.

Do you have an (even rough) idea how long it will take for QuantScript to come out of Alpha and be usable with real money strategies? There’s no rush of course, Gotta be safe and stable, but it would be good to have at least some idea.

Are you planning on expanding the power of the scripting language? What would be great would be to be able to for example set (adapt, change) the stop loss or take profit and trade size in the code itself, not just the parameters pane. I’d like to calculate the trade size according to account size & instrument price.

Also, it would be great if you could react in the code to specific “actions” — for example, lets say you have a position opened with take profit set at £100 and the take profit triggers. It would be great if the script could run as a reaction to that. “Hey, it triggered, check the momentum and if it looks to be strong, open another trade in the same direction.”

Further — to keep track of the trade results, so let’s say on a daily basis, if with all your open positions your account is +£250 for the day, it will close all the postions.

Looking forward to the future of QuantScript and I hope some of these features can find their way in, because I think they are integral controls to have in order to put together successful strategies.



Follow-up question — is it possible to enter two positions in the same direction on the same instrument? For example, two long positions on the USDNZD instrument?

If so, how can you selectively exit them by code — just one, but not the other? It might be good to be able to assign a live trade to a variable on entering it and then to exit it using that variable.