Vertigo Strategy

Hey guys,
After running about about 80 strategies in simulation mode over the last few weeks I have just published the best performing one. In simulation mode this strat made almost 100% return in one week and currently about 55% with real money since last Friday. Backtest for 7 Years shows 483.92% monthly return, Max Drawdown 7.21% and Win/Loss ratio 0.70. SL is 300 (7% SLI) and TP is 800.

Feel free to follow:

I also created a Factsheet with backtest/simulation results and some other interesting details:


why is this strat not on your profile?

comparing with simulation mode results is not reliable due to entry timing, better run them in practice mode and you will see some differences

So if I understand you correctly, the issue described in this post

doesn’t happen in pq’s simulation mode, it only happens through the connection from pq to brokers?

sometimes the entry in simulation mode will not happen at all in practice or real accounts