Why are there two community forums?

Why is this community forum when we have the much better https://proquant.canny.io/ ?

Just transfer this forum to https://proquant.canny.io/ !


Hey @Stamenkov

https://proquant.canny.io/ is the old feedback forum that we no longer support.
The reason we’ve switched to this one is that we want to build an actual community forum where people can discuss different topics related to ProQuant, strategy building, and trading in general. We want to create a place that is more than just a feedback form.



I wasn’t aware about that platform, but i just checked that out and the roadmap would be an awesome addition to this forum. It would be great to see what developers are planning on doing next!

I agree it would be great to integrate a roadmap onto the forum somehow. Even if it’s just an updated post where we can have an idea as to what awesomeness you guys are up to lately.


Thank you for the support.

A major drawback of this platform on top of the lack of the planned and executed tasks is that there are no possibilities to support different proposals of users like in the canny platform !

Just sometimes the changes are not better !

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you can always throw a like to any post in here.

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I’d like to see a roadmap too, would be brill if this could happen.

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We will think of something that will work for the new community forum.

We are experimenting with a plugin that will display a kanban board in the top of the Ideas & Feedback page. The board will be visible only there.



Thanks! Now we know what awesome features to expect next. I’m loving it!

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That’s just what we need :smile:

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